RESIDENTS in Pewsham are ‘disgusted’ that plans for new houses have been given the green light, despite being rejected by Wiltshire Council.

An appeal against Wiltshire Council’s decision to refuse the planning application for six homes at land west of Forest Lane has been won by construction company MacNiven Quays Ltd.

The scheme was originally refused in October on the grounds that Wiltshire Council believed it would harm the character of the area and the amenity of local residents.

Alan Broomfield, 66, a retired youth worker, lives on Danes Close and his garden backs onto Forest Lane.

He was under the impression the houses weren’t going to be built, until he heard the company had won their appeal.

He said: “We all assumed it had been scrapped.

“I was disgusted. I had no notification from the council about any appeal.

“Forest Lane is very narrow, there is just enough room for one single car to come down or come up, so when they do built the houses it is going to be chaos. How are they going to get the huge diggers and lorries down it?

“They are going to scrape all the trees and hedges which back out onto Forest Lane.

“It is going to affect access for me to get to the shops, the doctors, the health clinic and everything. Schoolchildren use the lane as a short cut into town, and lots of dog walkers use it so I am quite concerned.”

A spokesman for Wiltshire Council said:“Neighbours of adjoining properties and those who will be clearly affected by any development are always notified of any planning application. If they make representations about the application during the process we also email them if an appeal is lodged.

“Mr Broomfield had made representations so he was one of those sent an email to notify him of the appeal.”