DEVIZES Town Council has delayed a final debate on parking in the town to give people a chance to respond to three options for the Market Place.

A survey has been set up on the council's Facebook page and it wants to hear the views of people who live or work in the town and those who visit.

Town clerk Simon Fisher said: "Wiltshire Council has given an ultimatum to the Devizes community that to generate a further £95k from parking in Devizes we have to accept either an era of paid parking in the Market Place or no free parking at all.

"A parking working group made up from members of the town council, local businesses and heritage groups have looked at Wiltshire Council’s requirements and believe there is a middle option by providing some mixed use."

The survey asks people to give their preference out of the three options which are: Removing all free parking and turning the Market Place into a pedestrian area that can be used for events; keeping the area for parking and paying 70p for an hour or £1.30 for two hours; developing mixed use with some free parking and still allowing non chargeable parking such as that for people with disabled badges.

The town council was due to discuss parking at its meeting on Tuesday evening (10) but this debate has now been postponed until June 24. Mr Fisher said: "This is such an important issue that we wanted to give more people an opportunity to have their say.

"At the moment a lot of people have been saying they would like it to keep the status quo and do not want any change but Wiltshire Council has made it clear it will not accept this."

Mr Fisher is due to speak to cabinet member Philip Whitehead before the June 24 meeting so he can outline both Wiltshire Council's position and the result of the survey before the council votes.

Comments on Facebook show a mixed reaction to the options. One person wrote: "If there is no free parking at all in town then businesses who rely on drop offs or quick pick up of goods or services will likely loose this to places where parking is still free.

"I, for one, pick up heavy item once a fortnight. If I had to pay to do this five minute task then I would have to think again about supporting / helping a local small business... and both would end up out of pocket for having to do so."

Another asked: "Has the option of on street charging on all streets with exception of Market Place been considered?" A third wrote: "Devizes is the worst town I've ever lived in for parking everywhere you want to park someone somewhere wants to rob you for your money."

To complete the survey go to or follow the link from the town council Facebook page.