A GROUP campaigning for Proportional Representation is to meet their local MP in July to make their case to change in the UK's electoral voting system.

Make Votes Matter Chippenham will meet Michelle Donelan MP at 2pm on Friday, July 20 at The Brunel pub in Chippenham.

Campaigners want to put forward their arguments for Proportional Representation (PR) as a means of electing Westminster MPs.

Local Make Votes Matter co-ordinator, Tim Trimble, said: "Michelle Donelan has been a strong supporter of the current First Past The Post (FPTP) system, which we believe is no longer fit for purpose.

"Eighty-five per cent of economically advanced democracies use some form of Proportional Representation and we need to join them in order to improve the way we are governed and, ultimately, ensure the well-being of all our citizens.

“Many people are disillusioned by the way politics completely fails their needs - they just have no influence. Once an MP is elected for a safe seat, they have very little incentive to engage with the electorate.

"It is therefore vital that we replace the current winner takes all system with a proportional system in which everyone is heard. In the end, it is simply a question of fairness.”

Group campaigner Helen O'Connor added: “This is an extremely important issue for everyone in this country.

"Many of the problems we are currently experiencing are down to the electoral system.

"For instance, countries which use PR have significantly less economic inequality, better representation of women and ethnic minorities and are quicker to implement effective environmental improvements.”

All those interested in this vital issue are invited to come along and listen to the discussion and put any questions they may have.

There is no entrance charge although voluntary donations for Make Votes Matter are welcome.