ORGANIC goodies were enjoyed in The Little Brittox in Devizes yesterday morning as free breakfasts were served to shoppers by the Healthy Life Company.

The Devizes healthy living shop is one of a host of independent organic stores across the country serving up muesli, yoghurt and tasty toppings to encourage others to try clean eating.

Danny Ryan, from Sheep Street, has been eating organic for the last few years, said: “People don’t realise what they are putting in their mouths and how bad it can be for them.

“They might have sausage rolls for breakfast and a burger for lunch and not think about the effect on their body. Bodies are machines so if you fill it with rubbish it won’t work properly. I also see children walking to school eating crisps and drinking sugary drinks and they are pumped full of sugar.”

Justina Pettifer, of Bromham, has been running the shop for ten years and is celebrating her anniversary with a host of celebrations throughout the year.

Ms Pettifer said: “We want to appeal to younger people so in the next few months we will be launching a click and collect website with 14,000 products on. There is so much demand for a service like this and we hope to roll it out to a delivery service in the future.”

The shop’s team is preparing to house its first vegan and organic wines alongside organic foods, supplements, organic household items such as washing detergent and range of vegan make-up.

Gemma Noyes and Johanna Hows from Devizes stopped to pick up some organic tea from the shop during the free breakfast morning. Ms Hows said: “I don’t usually buy organic but I do sometimes get organic meat. I am also growing my own vegetables at the moment because I think little steps like this can make a difference.”

Green Ginger Health Food Shop in Corsham and The Wild Food Company in Malmesbury also offered the Wake Up to Organic breakfast.