BREXIT was a hot topic in Chippenham at the weekend (June 2/3) as the town’s mood was tested on a Brexitometer.

Campaigners voting for a second referendum on whether to remain in the European Union asked people to vote on their opinions in a range of topics, including how they felt about holding another national vote on whether to stay in the EU.

People were able to indicate on the Brexitometer their views about the last two years and look to the future as the government prepares to leave the EU.

Olivia Leyden-Frost of remain group Bath for Europe, who created the Brexitometer, said: “We want to engage with people politically and have seen a lot of apathy, but feel this is too important not to talk about.

“We heard some views that are not our own but we were there to respectfully listen and have open conversations with people to understand what their views and opinions are. We have all heard about the figures being used in the campaign but I think the human impact of Brexit has been lost. The European Union has been scapegoated to some degree because many of the things people would like to see changed could be changed by the UK government. I think there is some optimism and hope that as more information comes out the case for Brexit becomes shakier.”

During the event, leave campaigner Caroline Stephens of Democracy 17.4 criticised the group for holding a stall and described them as intimidating to shoppers. Ms Stephens wants local people to take a stand against the current government and demand Brexit is realised by March 2019.

She got remain campaigners to take down their stand after it was confirmed that they did not hold appropriate liability insurance and said: “It is concerning because they are distorting the picture and can’t accept the result. They were stood to close to the cash machine and it would have been a police matter. I found them very intimidating.

“I saw people who were saying that the vote had already taken place and so we didn’t need one.

“We had a democratic vote and 17.4 million people, a historic vote, have voted to leave. That must be adhered to.”

The Brexitometer comes to Corsham High Street on Saturday, July 7.