AFTER the fear of losing her beloved horse who was diagnosed with a serious infection, one rider from Chippenham has been taking part in a charity Hackathon to help her horse gain back his strength.

Angie Jones-Moore, 42, feared that she may lose her horse of seven years, Bas, when he became unwell.

He was diagnosed with lymphangitis, inflammation caused by a serious infection

Bas could barely walk due to the swelling on his leg, and his dressing had to be changed twice a day.

After more than a year of rehabilitation, Bas was finally on the mend, and was being walked twice a day.

When Mrs Jones-Moore first heard about Brooke’s My Hackathon, she knew it would be a great incentive to help Bas regain his strength, whilst also helping to improve the lives of working horses, donkeys and mules.

Brooke is a charity that works all over the world to combat the suffering of working animals through treatment and education.

Each year the charity asks people to get involved with the My Hackathon which involves riding 100 miles in 100 days and raising £100 for charity.

Mrs Jones-Moore and Bas completed their 100 miles in 40 days.

She said: “My Hackathon is a brilliant incentive each year, to know we are helping equines in need and getting fit is a win win.

"I took part in the Hackathon last year for the first time and I was thrilled to see the Hackathon was back again and couldn't wait to start.

"The weather was awful at times, but we carried on and clocked up the miles slowly but surely.

"Bas was very keen and was very well behaved - most of the time.

"The 40 days seemed to fly by, Bas had a little three-day break when we finished and then we were back out riding again.

"I have raised £135 so far and I am looking forward to next year already."

"Hacking is a great way to keep you and your horse fit, to build confidence too.

"Road hacking strengthens muscles and ligaments, and horses get to see different sights and sounds and should therefore become safer to ride.

"When hacking you never know what you will come across - large vehicles, cyclists, cars, motorbikes and of course ninja pheasants that pop out of the hedge.

"Bas and I often hack alone, but we do go out with friends too and it's a great way to socialise and catch up.