BEAR Cubs from Calne have raised enough money to build a toilet in a third world country.

1st Calne Bear Cubs have raised £219 through a fundraising day for the Toilet Twinning charity, which provides toilets, clean water and sanitation to communities across the world that wouldn't have otherwise.

Cubs spent weeks planning a family and friends event which included toilet themed games, a raffle, cake sale and candy floss.

Assistant leader Mark Draper even sat in a paddling pool full of baked beans, all in the name of charity.

He said: "We decided we would do some fundraising as part of one of their badges and this fitted quite well.

"We will get a certificate back which has a picture and coordinates of the toilet ours is twinned with.

"The cubs came up with the ideas of how to raise money and they decided they would go for a games night.

"They had done such a good job with it we thought the leaders should do something a bit fun.

"I sat in the beans for an hour, I can say they loved it."

The group meet at the Scout Hall, Quarr Barton every Wednesday 6.30pm-8pm.