A YOUNG lad who has already done his fair share for charity grew his hair for two-and-half years to cut it off for the Little Princess Trust.

Logan Fortune Price, eight, from Clevedon, Somerset and his family paid a special trip to family friend Will Hodgson at Hepcats in Chippenham to get his locks chopped.

Logan’s Dad, Ben, said: “It was amazing, we had some family down to see him do it and the barber, Will, was great.

“Logan wasn’t nervous at all. He was excited and his haircut looks really cool.

“I think he is glad he has done it and completed what has been a two-and-a-half year challenge.

“Because he is a boy, he did get quite a few comments from people about his long hair but he still did it and he didn’t let what anybody else thought bother him.

“He has raised just over £400.”

“He absolutely loves his new hair. He used to be really anxious about having his hair cut, it was a really good experience for him.

Logan, who was born with a cleft lip and palate, is now raising money for Smile Train, a charity which pays for cleft repair operations for children in developing countries.

Mr Fortune Price added: “If he didn’t have the operation done he wouldn’t be able to talk properly or eat solid foods.

“People really need the operation it can be very debilitating for them.

“So far he has raised £140 for Smile Train. He is doing a challenge of reading 100 books in a year. He is only eight but he has the reading age of an adult.

“He has read about 15 books since April.