DISGRUNTLED business owners in Calne are angry with Wiltshire Council for revoking their ability to park in the service area behind their premises.

Businesses on Wood Street are not permitted to park in the North Service Yard in Phelps Parade, despite having done so for years.

Helen Massimo, owner of HM Hairdressing, along with other business owners in Wood Street who let privately were sent letters stating that unless they have a permit, they can no longer park in the service yard.

They were told that they can still use it for loading and unloading, but they have no right to park there and due to the limited amount of space, Wiltshire Council could not issue any more licenses for parking.

Permits have only been issued to businesses which rent their premises from the Council., but those which are privately owned have not been given permits.

Ms Massimo argues this is unfair and that there is plenty room for other cars to be parked in the service area.

"It was working absolutely fine. I don’t know why they decided they now want to permit it.

“They just sent out a general letter, they didn’t say why we don’t qualify.

“Why are there certain requirements? We all are running a business.

“It is a blow for all of us. It just seems a little bit unfair.

“The problem is that not many people use it anyway and it is quite disruptive to business. I’m going to have to allow staff more time to find somewhere else to park."

A spokesman for Wiltshire Council, said: "This is a private service yard owned by Wiltshire Council as the landlord and our tenants pay to use it through their rent. which in turn helps to fund essential council services.

"Unfortunately other people have been using this private yard and it has become increasingly difficult to manage effectively, which is unfair to our own tenants.

“To address this we will introduce permits for our tenants, who can use the yard for parking, loading and unloading. Some of the adjoining Occupiers who are not tenants of Wiltshire Council, do still have the right to use the yard for loading and unloading and as an emergency exit, but only Wiltshire Council tenants have the right to park on the site.”