PRIMARY school pupils have adopted five baby elephants in Africa after fundraising over £1,000.

Children at Colerne CE Primary School raised an amazing £1,048 by holding a fundraising event at school and making and selling African inspired beads.

The money raised will go to support the David Sheldrick Trust to help protect elephants under threat from poachers.

The school was approached by Kids Tusk Force UK to make and sell the beads to raise money to adopt an elephant. South Africa class (year 5 and 6) took up the idea and make clay beads to sell to friends and family after hearing about the threat to elephants and how numbers are getting worryingly low.

Mark Solomon, headteacher, said: "Their enthusiasm for the appeal led them to decide to put on an event to raise as much money as possible, and the children planned, publicised, and arranged all the details of the fundraiser, as well as making and painting 65 sets of beads.

"The amount raised was more than double the amount expected and is the most the school has ever raised in a single event.

"The event itself was incredibly popular, with people queuing at the door to come in.

"The success shows the passion the children and their families have for the protection of elephants from poachers."

There were also cakes and other items on sale, as well as a donation pot to support the protection of endangered elephants.

It was originally hoped that the school would adopt one baby elephant for five years, but thanks to the amount raised they were able to adopt five elephants for five years.

The children pupils have chosen their five baby elephants, and they are all being cared for by the David Sheldrick Trust at an elephany nursery in Nairobi.

Mr Solomon added: "They will look forward to receiving regular updates to hear how their adopted babies are getting on."

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