RESILIENCE, discipline and self-confidence is being taught at military-style martial arts classes in Chippenham.

Jamie Roach, who previously taught British military martial arts in Corsham for three years, teaches sport karate and kickboxing to adults and children from the age of four at Foghamshire.

Mr Roach, who is ex-forces, focuses a lot of his efforts into anti-bullying.

He said: “We focus a lot around anti-bullying, respecting others and self-confidence rather than kids having to feel like they need to prove themselves.

“Self-confidence is one of the main things we teach and we can see their confidence grow.

“Going from primary school to secondary school is a big difference, and I want all our children to be as bully-proof as possible, but I understand it happens.

“I’m also trying to teach them not to be that person who bullies as well, but how to handle things respectfully.

“These groups are run to teach discipline and confidence, and that is where the military bit of Military Martial Arts comes from.”

The Chippenham branch of Lee Matthews British Military Martial Arts opened in January of this year, and Mr Roach is looking for people of all ages and abilities with an interest in martial arts to sign up.

He held an open day last Saturday to show what the club has to offer.

“We ran an open day and we had facepainting and balloons,” he explained.

“It was all about inviting people to come and have a go and getting interest out into the community, that is the main thing.

“The day was great and we have a few people who have signed up and will be coming to lessons.”

To find out more about Military Martial Arts Chippenham and the classes available, please visit or email Jamie on