CHIPPENHAM parents have been on their bikes preparing for a mammoth cycle ride to raise money for the hospice of their 11-year-old son, who suffers from a rare illness.

Sam Woodley was diagnosed with infantile spasms when he was three months old, and the condition has left him severely disabled, with significant developmental delays and health issues, which mean he has to be supported around the clock.

He attends Bristol’s Charlton Farm Hospice four times a year, which aims to enrich the lives of all the children and families who visit.

His parents, Steve and Susy, are embarking on a 208-mile, three-day cycle called Ride For Precious Lives from Cornwall to Bristol to raise money for the hospice which has helped them over the years.

Mr Woodley said: “We get 12 nights a year so they can give us a break so we can go off and do other things.

“Charlton Farm Hospice gives us about four short breaks a year and it is amazing,

“It is a fantastic place with beautiful gardens and everyone is so positive. It just enriches the lives of everyone who goes there.

“Sam gets one-to-one attention from nurses and carers. They take him out for walks, he listens to music and they read stories.

“They cater to whatever the child loves doing.

“The cycling route is very hilly, it is pretty much all hills.

“It will be quite a challenge but we are both very positive.

“What drives us is knowing it is for a great cause and for a really good reason so all the extra pedalling will be worth it.

“Thank you to Allington Farm Shop, the Springfield Campus gym in Corsham and all the other people and local businesses who are supporting us.”

The couple are also holding a charity garden party to raise extra funds.

They aim to raise £5,000 for the hospice. To donate, please visit: