UPSET, anger and worry are the key feelings of residents at the Greathouse care home in Kington Langley, after they were told they only have until the end of July to move.

Since charity Leonard Cheshire announced the home’s closure two weeks ago the 21 residents with physical and mental disabilities living there have been plagued with worry.

They argue three months is not enough time for them to find somewhere suitable to live which will meet their often complex needs.

Antony Merritt, whose severe disability has left him only able to communicate with others by blinking, has called Greathouse his home for almost 15 years. This week he started a petition to delay the closure.

“I felt fear and anger, I like living here,” he explained.

“Every time I look at the beauty outside my window my eyes start to well up since the announcement.

“People don’t seem to appreciate how much hard work it is for a person like me to find another home where I can be just as happy.

“I am constantly aware that the clock is ticking, so it is hard to enjoy my last days here.”

Residents have been left feeling hurt over the decision, as they will have to leave lifelong friends and staff they have built strong relationships with.

“I made a lot of friends and I don’t want to leave them,” said Jackie Purbrick.

Chris Button, who has lived at Greathouse since 2015 and is 80 per cent blind, said: “I felt the atmosphere change before this all broke out, I had an inkling this was going to happen.

“I was sad, upset and angry when I heard.

“I have been here a long time and made lots for friends and I am quite familiar with all the staff.

“I am easy-going and I just like having a laugh. If you laugh, life will never get you down.”

Gerry Usher has lived at Greathouse for almost 11 years. She added: “I was angry when I found out because when I moved here I thought it was going to be my place. I don’t want to move.

“We have an excellent activity team and the care staff are lovely. I am going to miss everyone.”

A spokesman for Leonard Cheshire, said: “Leonard Cheshire would never close a home without every resident having a safe and appropriate new place to live. In discussion with our commissioner partners we anticipate this to be achieved by the 31st July. We are working intensively with all parties toward this outcome.

“We recognise that this is an upsetting and worrying time for residents, families and staff and it has been requested that closure be delayed to 31st October. The safety and wellbeing of residents is our overriding priority and we reassure all those affected that if closure needs to be delayed beyond 31st July and up to 31 October then this is what will happen.

“It is important for all parties to work together toward an agreed closure so that staff, residents, families and commissioners can ensure safe and appropriate new homes are found and future employment secured as quickly as possible. Leonard Cheshire will continue to do everything it can to support residents and staff through this difficult time.”