CHILDREN of all ages took part in this years May Mile, raising around £1,500 for Youth Action Wiltshire.

Little ones in prams and push chairs even took part in the children's races on Sunday (May 13) at the grounds of Sheldon and Hardenhuish schools in Chippenham, with the event raising almost £10,000 for charity since it started 10 years ago.

This year, the race was supported by the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust and was attended by Paralympic triathlete David Hill and champion inline skater, Rich Parker.

The Dame Helly Holmes Trust promotes a healthy and active lifestyle for young people, and to support them to reach and fulfil their potential, inspiring them to be the best they can be.

The record for the fastest May Mile was broken this year by 16-year-old Max Davis, who completed his last ever attempt at the race in four minutes and 56 seconds.

Founder, Zoe Rucker, said: "It went really well, it was a fantastic day.

"Everyone was smiling and there were over 500 registered.

"We were supported by athletic mentors David Hill and Rich Parker who were great. But the day was all about the children.

"It was just brilliant. The weather was beautiful and the atmosphere was just electric.

"There were many more families there this year, many more people watching.

"The 100m stretch was just one huge noise. If you were someone running it would have really lifted your spirits, I didn't see one person not care, it was fantastic.

"Hazel Freeman is an amazing little girl with a disability and it was amazing to see her come down the 100m stretch with David Hill it was lovely.

"It was uplifting, there was no discrimination between the runners, they are there to finish and the hardest part for them is actually getting to the start line.

"It is a very happy day that is all about happy, smiling faces.

Thanks have been given to sponsors The Olympiad, The Doodle Studio, Park Lane Practice,, City Dressing, Wiltshire Concrete, and Field Athletics Fest.