A VILLAGE primary school is doing its bit to keep youngsters active by having a mile path laid so pupils get used to daily activity.

Mercedes Henning head of Holy Trinity, Great Cheverell, near Devizes said some money the school had received from the Government to encourage sports had been spent on the project.

She said: "We have just spent some of our PE Sports Premium funding on having a Daily Mile path installed on our beautiful school field. This initiative is to encourage children to establish the pattern of an active and healthy lifestyle which will hopefully last them a life time. "We offer many opportunities for children to be as active as possible in school, including the more usual ball sports and also things like fencing, archery and gardening.

"But this new path is being enjoyed by the whole school population, with many of the children now challenging themselves to run faster or further each week."

She said the school was already placed highly nationally for its academic achievement but she wanted to have a balanced curriculum to cover all aspect of learning at an outstanding level.

She said: "This new Daily Mile initiative is part of our commitment to offer children the best possible chance to grow strong and fit and to establish good patterns of activity that will stand them in good stead as they grow older. "