IMPROVEMENTS will be visible as soon as summer, the headteacher of The John Bentley School in Calne has said after its most recent Ofsted report stated it requires improvement.

The report highlighted that standards at GCSE level are not high enough, absence figures are too high, the level of challenge for pupils across the subjects isn't consistent and that the bad behaviour of some pupils sometimes disrupts the learning of others.

However, it also highlighted that pupils have been making good progress in maths, languages, ICT and performing arts, pupils are well cared for, and pupils receive good-quality careers education and guidance.

Headteacher Jason Tudor said that although he was disappointed with the assessment, he is pleased their plans for the future have been recognised, and is optimistic that improvements needed will be seen later this year.

"We are disappointed with the grading, but we understand some of the points they raise and we recognise there is a need for improvement," he explained. "Ofsted said if they came back in six months time there could have been very different results.

"We are going to see improvements this summer, and Ofsted have said we are right to be optimistic, it isn't ill-founded.

"We know the judgement is heavily influenced by the GCSE results from the previous year and we have already put into place significant improvements that will help our current pupils do well. The impact of these changes will not be visible until GCSE results and A level results are published in the summer.

“We have moved more in line with the curriculum, which we could have changed at the time but that would have been really unstable for pupils.

“These improvements are just the start, as most of the changes we are implementing are for the longer term.

“We have resisted the temptation to implement quick fixes that satisfy school league tables and have been steadfast in our resolve to do what is right for pupils.

"I want to assure parents and carers that the school is committed to making the required improvements, as identified by the Ofsted team during their inspection.

“One of the many positives n the report was the acknowledgement that John Bentley has a strong culture that is underpinned by our values of respect, resilience and responsibility.

“Pupils feel safe at John Bentley and although incidents of bullying do occur, the pupils said that they are dealt with quickly and properly by staff.

“These comments give me great confidence that the culture at the school will go a long way to helping our pupils enjoy healthy and successful futures.

“This does not, however, mean that I or any other members of the school has ignored the areas of our school that requires improvement. Complacency is not something that exists at John Bentley and we are working hard to improve consistency in every part of the school.”

Assistant headteacher Peter Grant, added: "Although the report has a huge amount of positive comments, the overall judgement is obviously very disappointing.

"This is largely down to the poor Progress 8 score we achieved last summer. The P8 score is linked to the type of curriculum you offer, and if pupils do not sit enough recognised subjects then you risk a low score.

"We took the decision to maintain the curriculum the pupils had already begun when Mr Tudor arrived as the pupils need stability. It is a case of the right thing for the pupils but not the right thing as far as the system is concerned."

A question and answer session for parents and carers is taking place on Thursday (May 10), at 6.30pm in the main hall.