STREETS in Great Bedwyn have become the film set for a comedy horror television series with big expectations for the small screen.

I, Dog was filmed at several locations including the Three Tuns Pub and the Great Bedwyn Motor Company this week and will feature familiar faces from the village as residents become extras.

Among the talent in the show is former S Club 7 star Hannah Spearritt playing a leading role opposite writer and actor Stevie Coe.

With his background in film and TV, Mr Coe, 48, has written the script for the show described as a cross between Fargo and Shaun of the Dead, but for dog lovers.

Spooky coincidences led the crew to pick Bedwyn as the perfect location to film the pilot of the dark comedy adventure.

He said: “There has been some really spooky signs. We found out that of all the thousands of villages there are that the director’s grandmother was buried here.

“We also went into the post office and saw a model train set there so the director took a photo of it.

"When he got back home we realised that the colour of the van in the model was the same colour as the van in our film, and there was a body in front of the van in the same place as there will be in our film. There was also another body somewhere that is linked to the film too.

“The film will also appeal to dog lovers. We started with the idea that owners often look like their dogs and thought how far can we push this idea. So there’s loads of dogs in I, Dog. Our makeup artists will be making some of our actors look like dogs and some of the extras will be bringing along their dogs too.

“The whole village is buzzing and it was great to go into that environment. Bedwyn chose us as much as us choosing it.”

Once in the can it will screen in London as writers hope for financial backing to transform the pilot into a series.