‘ridiculous’ barriers are being put in the way of a railway proposal for Marlborough by Wiltshire Council.

Dreams of creating a railway in Marlborough were dealt a blow after the town heard it was at the bottom of a council list of towns likely to have a station built in Wiltshire.

The council said it would not give its support to a Marlborough station because it did not meet requirements set out by the authority, including location and connectivity to an existing line.

Sustainability group Transition Marlborough believe a station could be built on the old Great Western railway as part of the new development on Salisbury Road.

Transition Marlborough said the council has set out to shut down all debate in the town and was disappointed that its bid to carry out a railway feasibility study was not backed by the authority.

Peter Ridal, of Transition Marlborough, said: “What we needed from Wiltshire Council was not money but support to put their weight behind this as a fresh idea. If you want to do something about pollution, air quality and congestion in Marlborough a station is the most imaginative way of doing it.”

Councillor Horace Prickett, portfolio holder for transport, said: “I would support any railway station opening anywhere where you could prove that it was going to be something that isn’t going to cost a great deal of money and pay its way. Unfortunately, I cannot see how you could do this in Marlborough.”

Despite a £235,000 price tag to make a railway proposal to the Government, other places, such as Wilton, have been able to fund the project by gaining investment from developers keen to increase the value of houses in the area.

The nearest station in Great Bedwyn is seven miles away and in 2014 1,000 Marlborough residents called for improved railway access for the town.

Cllr Prickett also urged Transition Marlborough to join forces with rail groups in Bedwyn and Pewsey to lobby train companies for funding to make the route a reality. Cllr Prickett said: “With a Pewsey Vale rail users’ group you have a big group and pressure can really be felt on railway groups and the Department for Transport, who have funds to invest.”

A spokesman for Bedwyn Passenger Rail Group said: “The best Marlborough can hope for is a dedicated bus link to Bedwyn. We’ve campaigned to try and get Marlborough commuters onto the existing service bus to Bedwyn but this has proven almost impossible.”

We, at Bedwyn Trains Passenger Group, will remain as an independent group. However, we have worked well with Transition Marlborough over the years and look forward to a similar excellent relationship with any newly formed Pewsey group.

“Bedwyn station is popular with Marlborough users but a station at Marlborough is highly unlikely.