WHEN a family heard noises coming from inside their living room walls, they were confused about the mysterious scratching sounds.

But when an RSPCA inspector was called to take on the case in Baydon, they discovered that two birds had flown down they chimney and become trapped.

The home’s fireplace was blocked off with plaster board and the pair of jackdaws had flown down the chimney and get stuck.

Deputy chief inspector Sharon Chrisp used a jigsaw blade to cut a small hole in the board and free the animals from the space.

DCI Chrisp said: “We could hear the birds behind the wall but couldn’t get to them. There were eight ventilation holes drilled in the plasterboard so with a jigsaw blade I cut the board between the holes big enough for the birds to squeeze their way through and escape.”

“It was great to see both birds safely released to the wild with no injuries."

Once the birds were freed the family opened a window and they flew away to safety.

The landlord has also been contacted to cap the chimney to stop other birds from flying into the chimney.