ROADWORKS left Marlborough in gridlock, according to angry residents.

George Lane has been shut since April 5 and is due to reopen tomorrow after getting a new road surface and safety signs fitted to highlight nearby St Mary’s School.

And the closure of George Lane added pressure to other routes as planned works on London Road and Salisbury Road were put on hold after severe delays affected the town centre.

Lorna Kilminster, 75, lives off Elcot Lane and said: “The road closures have made the congestion much worse.

“It took over half an hour yesterday for someone to get to us from the top of Granham Hill. Unfortunately the lay-out of the roads in Marlborough doesn’t help the situation.”

Dave Shaw, part of Marlborough Traffic Problems group, added: “There appears to be little in communication between the different Wiltshire Council departments and a lack of planning and forward thinking, with numerous roadworks being given the go ahead at the same time, causing absolute chaos. There is a feeling generally in the town that our opinions are totally disregarded.”

Cheryl Purdin lives on The Green and said: “You only have to look down the High Street to see the empty shops, because people can’t get into the town and when they do they can’t park.

“Last week we were in a taxi which got stuck in traffic by the golf club. We got the driver to pull into the bus stop and we just walked home.

“We later found out Herd Street was closed to repair a manhole cover. This could have been done at night.”

The closure has seen large vehicles and heavy traffic flow dominate alternate routes.

A tractor pulling hay bales mounted the pavement on Monday morning as it turned on to Pewsey Road from the High Street.

A spokesman for Wiltshire Council said: “The George Lane and London Road works are on programme and are due to be finished, weather permitting, by Friday.”

The Town Council is holding a public survey which will determine if residents want to see 20mph zones introduced across the town.

Marlborough Town Council will discuss whether to implement the speed restriction at a meeting on April 23.

Other traffic calming ideas include putting in a roundabout at the top of Herd Street and the junction to Rogers Meadow. Councillor Stewart Dobson said: “That would make entry and access for local residents much easier, safer and would result in traffic slowing before they go down Herd Street.”