WORK to update Chippenham’s BMX track to make it safer and more fun for more children will start on Monday.

Councillors approved plans for the £16,480 redesign earlier this month, following a public consultation which revealed support for a new ‘pump track’.

The Stanley Park track, which will enable riders to use up and down motions to create momentum, will include a section suitable for younger children, as well as different challenges for riders of different experiences.

“When we designed the track in 2010, it was a well used state-of-the-art track for big tricks but as the years have gone on, those users have moved on,” Councillor Desna Allen, chairman of the amenities, culture and leisure committee at Chippenham Town Council, said.

“The current track is not unsafe for young riders, but it is high risk, so we have consulted with a number of partners who have come up with this solution, which we agree with.”

The highest point of the track, which has been redesigned with the new generation of BMX riders in mind, measures two metres and includes four sections complete with roll ins, table tops, and berms.

According to the council, the plans were well received by the majority of users online, but councillors did note that some wanted higher and more challenging jumps and the creation of a skate park.

Hardens and England Councillor Bill Douglas, where the track is located, said: “We are going to calm it down a bit.

“We felt that the current track wasn’t completely safe for some of the younger children, who were trying things on the bigger ramps and getting hurt.

“We have to look after everyone in the community and we do understand that as children get older, they want more thrills, but we have to look at the safety aspect.”

Work will begin on the new track on Monday and should be completed within two weeks depending on the weather.