PEWSEY accents were under scrutiny after an American film star headed to the village to study the local dialect in preparation for a Canadian production of award winning show Jerusalem.

Kim Coates, star of Sons of Anarchy and 1995 film Waterworld played larger than life character Johnny “Rooster” Byron in the show set at the character’s caravan home in Pewsey.

Mr Coates visited Pewsey four times in the build up to taking on the lead role as well as seeking the help of a London based vocal coach.

While visiting Pewsey he also played tourist, visiting the names of the many roads and areas in the village that were used by playwright Jez Butterworth when he penned the play in 2009.

Mr Butterworth said he was inspired by village local and man behind the character Micky Lay when he spent time living in Pewsey in the 90s.

Although Mr Lay has since passed away, the play’s bond with the Wiltshire village lives on as fresh faces tread the boards in the iconic role.

Pewsey councillor Jerry Kunkler spent time with the American actor and recently went to see the show in Toronto along with 10 other residents.

Mr Kunkler of Moonrakers, said: “Kim Coates wanted advice on all sorts of things including the accent and hand gestures.

“The man his character was based on died about three years ago, but there’s lots of street and road names in the play that he wanted to see for himself.

“There were 11 of us who went out, many of us from the village who see parts of themselves in the characters of the play.

“We got picked up from the airport and enjoyed our free tickets and even had a drink with the cast after the show.”

Jerusalem has been performed in the West End and on Broadway and follows the rowdy life and deprivation experienced by Johnny “Rooster” Byron, the council busybody and many other people within a British rural community.