ARMED police working with the National Crime Agency broke down the doors of a house just yards from Wiltshire Police headquarters as part of a drug bust which netted a kilo of heroin and a four kilos of cannabis.

People living in the shared accommodation in London Road were astonished when scores of officers with guns and dogs arrived at their home just after 10pm and used battering rams to break down the front and back doors.

One persons said: "They were about 12 police cars. Some of the officers were armed with guns and others had tasers. There were also dogs.

"They came in the back and front doors and had handcuffs. They were warning people they would be tasered if they did not do what they were told.

"Most people there were just sitting around having dinner and couldn't believe what was going on. One person living in the house was taken away."

It is understood that the National Crime Agency, which works to smash organised crime, was working on intelligence received by its officers.

A spokesman for the National Crime Agency said: "A 34-year-old man was arrested in Devizes by officers from the National Crime Agency, with support from Wiltshire Police, as part of an ongoing investigation.

"He was charged with two counts of possession with intent to supply in relation to the seizure of 1kg of heroin and 4kg of cannabis and will appear at Winchester Crown Court March 29.

“Organised criminals involved in drug distribution are also often linked to violence, exploitation and gang culture.

“They rely heavily on couriers and street level dealers, each of whom play a key part in longer, damaging chain.

“This seizure has deprived a criminal organisation of significant operating funds and disrupted criminal activity in Wiltshire. Using all the means at our disposal, our efforts to disrupt organised crime will not stop."