THOUGHTFUL drivers of a 4x4 firm in Lacock have been thanked for helping ferry Dorothy House staff into work as Storm Emma wreaked havoc in the county.

Staff from SW-Machinery Hire based in Lacock offered to help staff get to the hospice in Winsley during the snow last week and drive them to and from patients’ houses.

Simon Williams, director at SW-Machinery Hire in Lacock, said: “I rang Dorothy House to offer help with 4x4 transport for their nurses and carers as I knew the roads would be impassable for cars due to the snow and SW-Hire are active supporters of the hospice.

“My family and some colleagues have experience of the outstanding care provided to the community by Dorothy House so we were delighted to be able to help them during the recent harsh weather.”

Those nearby to the hospice walked through the snow to get to the hospice, including one woman from the catering team who worked 14 miles to and from Bath.

Beds and food were also prepared for staff who had to stay overnight.

John Davies, chief executive at Dorothy House Hospice Care, said: “In these difficult circumstances our staff have shown extraordinary commitment to get into work and look after patients or open our retail shops.

“We are here for people when they need us and that’s all down to our dedicated team, so a huge thank you to everybody who supported the hospice at this challenging time.

“I also want to thank SW-Hire for their fantastic help getting our staff in and out of the hospice and to patients’ homes.

“Finally, a heartfelt thank you to our community who, despite the freezing conditions, have gone above and beyond to ensure that we can continue to treat those who need us the most.”