RESCUED puppy Holly has begun her new life with a loving family after a dog of the same breed sniffed her out from the bin she was dumped in.

Owner Anna Standing had been out on a walk in Burbage with her border collie Freckles, five, when Freckles started barking and running towards a bin on the side of the road.

The frantic dog refused to be pulled away and after a couple of minutes Mrs Standing decided to lift the lid and see what was causing the erratic behaviour.

She was in for a surprise as she lifted the lid and found a pair of puppy dog eyes staring up at her in the darkness.

Tiny Holly was just seven weeks old when Freckles reacted to the sound of her whimpering. Sadly two other pups were in the bin but had already died.

Mrs Standing took Holly home and has been nursing her back to good health ever since.

Holly has already been checked over by a vet who has confirmed that she is fit and well. Mrs Standing said:“It is absolutely marvellous now, she is pretty much back to full health.

“Freckles treats Holly as if she is her own and has really taken her under her wing. It was animal instinct that meant that Freckles knew that Holly was in the bin and needed help.”

The care assistant, from The Sprays, Burbage intends to keep Holly as a new member of their family. She has praised Freckles for saving Holly’s life and believes she would have died without their rescue.