DOG owner Jamie Bradbury had almost given up hope of ever seeing his 10 year old pet Bracken again, after the boarder terrier went missing on February 28.

However the animal found his way home and the pair were reunited last night.

Bracken had endured the bad snow and freezing temperatures since Wednesday, but apart from looking a bit thinner than before, he appears to be fit and healthy.

Last night Mr Bradbury got the call he was hoping for, when the estate manager of West Wick House, where Mr Bradbury is currently working, called to say that Bracken had wandered back into the garden.

Mr Bradbury, 50 from Lower Eveleigh, described his delight at finding his lost four legged friend.

“I am over the moon, it had been a tremendously stressful weekend because you think the worse, but he just turned up at 9pm on Sunday night.

“He is a bit thinner but we will sort that out in no time.

"He won't tell me what he got up to while he was away but I don't care now he is back safe!"

Mr Bradbury described the dog, which he has owned since he rescued him aged one, as his soul mate.