ALL schools in the Devizes area are closed this morning after headteachers took a decision yesterday not to risk opening their doors today (Friday).

Devizes School sent pupils home early yesterday and a number of small businesses including hairdressers rang clients to tell them their appointments would have to be arranged.

Some of the worst hit roads in the Devizes area are those leading to Swindon and towards Pewsey. The village of All Cannings is particularly badly hit.

A Wiltshire police spokesman said: "Numerous roads across the county are impassable. The ones we are dealing with include the A346 Swindon to Marlborough, the A4361 Avebury to Wroughton, the A303 Mere and those surrounding the Horton Road, Devizes towards Alton Barnes.

The Salisbury Red bus company has said it is not running services this morning.

But a number of people with 4 X 4 vehicles who are offering to take people, who do essential jobs such as nurses and carers to work, are being hailed as heroes.

Social media, including the Devizes Issue Facebook page, is awash with people offering small acts of kindness and advice.

Others are hoping to make the most of the snow and a day off by asking for advice on where to buy sledges.

Milkmen from Planks Dairy went beyond the call of duty by managing to deliver milk to many doorsteps in the Devizes area.