A MOTHER has spoken out after her son was the victim of a circle of bullies during a playground fight at Lavington School.

Deborah Crapper took her twin sons out of the secondary school in Market Lavington for the day after Lawrence, 12, was punched in the face and suffered a split lip during the lunchtime incident.

Headteacher Sarah Lowkis said the school has a zero tolerance policy on bullying and added that one boy had been excluded for his involvement in the incident.

CCTV footage was used to identify the children involved, with one boy excluded for a day and several others told they would be severely punished.

Mrs Lowkis said: “We take our responsibilities very very seriously and do not tolerate bullying what so ever. Our recent Ofsted report highlighted and was very positive about our safeguarding process and also stated that we had low numbers of incidents. We don’t tolerate bullying at all and deal with any instances robustly, quickly and efficiently.

“Unfortunately there was an incident on Wednesday afternoon but we took swift action and dealt with the matter.”

However Mrs Crapper believes that fighting among pupils is ‘out of hand’, after she learned that the school was unaware of the fight, which took place on February 1, until she brought it to their attention.

Ms Crapper, of Everleigh, said; “I am really speechless at the school’s reaction and have been in touch with the governors as I don't feel the boys are safe at school.

“I want them to learn but I also want them to be safe.

“I’m worried that Lawrence will be hit again because he stands up for himself.

“As a mum I feel the situation is completely out of control. I was told the boy was excluded and the others would be severely punished. Now my kids think that the boy has just got an extra day of half term holiday.

“I don’t want the boy to be expelled because boys will be boys but there has to be some sort of clear message form the school that this sort of violence is not acceptable. That should be done through an appropriate sanction.”