Pupils from Calne and Chippenham came together for The Big Outdoor Lesson to learn skills Bear Grylls would be proud of.

The event hosted by St Margaret’s Preparatory School, Calne was the first multi-school outdoor activity organised by the area’s Outdoor Learning Cluster Group.

Children from St Margaret’s were joined by those from Redland Primary, Chippenham, Cherhill C of E Primary and Springfields, Calne to learn everything from how to light a fire using just flint and steel, to building a shelter using a tarpaulin and natural materials.

The pupils from Years 2 to 5 gathered in the wildlife area of St Margaret’s where two young leaders from Springfields helped set up and lead activities with staff from all the schools.

To help solve problems and learn to trust each other, the pupils had to work in pairs, with one of them wearing a blindfold and the other guiding them around barriers on the trail.

Springfields’ Learning Outside The Classroom Lead Gerard Hurles said: “It was a thoroughly enjoyable event in which the children worked collaboratively on a range of problem-solving activities outdoors. It was great to see them all supporting each other.”

St Margaret’s Outdoor Learning Co-ordinator Kim Callaway said: “It was a wonderful opportunity for all children to demonstrate and develop their range of learning styles and effective learning skills outside the classroom - we are looking forward to the next cluster group activity.”