A MORRISONS worker, who sustained 87 per cent burns in a gas explosion in Chippenham four months ago, had two reasons to celebrate last week.

Hundreds of people turned out to celebrate Kyle Roe’s return to the town following four months of hard recovery, as well as his 20th birthday, at Chippenham Rugby Club on Friday night.

Kyle, who suffered a cardiac arrest shortly after the blast in October, said the last week has been overwhelming.

“I never thought I would be out of hospital this soon, so to be back means a lot,” he said. “It was amazing to be able to walk out of hospital and not think about going back.

“The whole thing has been overwhelming, if I’m honest, but it has been so nice to see so many people who care for me.”

Kyle’s parents, who were by his side throughout his hospital stay, are now looking forward to building more memories with their son.

Chris Roe, Kyle’s father, said: “Everyone has been quite emotional because there were a lot of people who haven’t seen him since before the accident and didn’t think they would again.

“It is a testament to his strength and the skill of the hospital staff. They have been amazing.

“He said in November that he wanted to be home in time for his birthday and here he is.

“It is really strange to have him home for good but it’s great. When I realised I didn’t have to drive him back to Wales, it hit me.

“Last week, we had a lot of friends and family round and when they all left, the four boys were all sat on one side of the room and me and

Tracy were sat on the other, and we just watched them.

“It was quite emotional if I’m honest because we thought we would never have that again.”

The Roes were joined by dozens of friends and fundraisers, who all did their bit to get Kyle and his family back on track, or helped to raise money for the hospital which saved his life.

Among the guests was 19-year-old Ewan Hillman, who was first to the blast scene last year.

“I work at Esquires Barbershop and while I was out on a smoking break, a couple from next door came over to say goodbye and we heard this bang that made us look up.

“I ran one way and they ran the other to help and as I was calling 999, I saw Kyle coming towards me clutching his face.

“Seeing him tonight looking so well is just amazing.”