DOG owner Ellen Bothwick and eight month old puppy Bamm Bamm are off to Crufts 2018 after qualifying for the pastoral group at the dog show.

Bamm-Bamm is one of just 80 Hungarian Pumis registered in the UK and just one of eight which are white.

Due to the rarity of the breed in the UK, she will compete in the import register class of the herding dogs group.

Bamm-Bamm qualified for Crufts in her her first ever dog show by impressing judges with her nature and unique look.

Although raising her other two dogs to take part in agility and heelwork to music, this is the first time Mrs Bothwick has set foot inside the Crufts ring.

Mrs Bothwick, 59, of Devizes, said: “She is a rock star whenever we go out. People stop us in the street and ask for a selfie, even a policeman wanted a picture.

“She is a herding breed so she is very alert all the time, which is what you want from that breed.

“When we moved to Wiltshire I resisted at first because I was always a city girl. Now, six years on, I wouldn’t change it for the world and I have fallen in love with Wiltshire. I was scared of dogs and had never owned them before but now I have three which are all highly trained and well loved.”

This year Crufts takes place from March 8 - 11 at the NEC in Birmingham.