WILTSHIRE Rural Music School, the popular Trowbridge-based music charity, is celebrating the start of 2018 with a change of name.

From now on, the charity will be known as Wiltshire Rural Music, to avoid confusion with the ‘school’ connotation.

The organisation has a rich heritage of music provision across the county, with over 80 years’ experience of music-making, teaching and appreciation of music.

Ben Vleminckx, Creative Director of Wiltshire Rural Music, said; “Over the last 18 months the charity has found the word ‘school’ challenging and new audiences have been confused by what the charity offers.

“‘School’ comes with connotations of children, formal teaching and suggests a building as a base.

“Wiltshire Rural Music offers opportunities for all ages and abilities to come together and make music through groups, workshops and activities, rather than individual music lessons.

“Whilst learning is still an important outcome, Wiltshire Rural Music promotes music in a social context, with a more informal style of delivery.

“The charity’s building on Gloucester Road, Trowbridge, is a thriving centre where local musicians and ensembles meet weekly to rehearse. It also provides the administrative base for the charity, from where the staff deliver county-wide music projects.

Mr Vleminckx says this is an exciting time for Wiltshire Rural Music, adding: “We feel our new name encapsulates our mission.

“We want to reach out to more people across the county and encourage them to enjoy making-music.

“We welcome anyone with an interest in music to participate in the exciting events programmed at our creative hub in Trowbridge or take part in our flagship outreach project Music on Your Doorstep, which will literally bring music into rural communities in Wiltshire throughout 2018.

“We also run bursary schemes for talented young musicians and, if you have always dreamt of playing an instrument, but never got round to it, you can hire a wide range of instruments from us through our excellent loan scheme.”

If you live in Wiltshire and would like to find out more about Wiltshire Rural Music, please get in touch with Mr Vleminckx on 01225 753175 or via www.wiltshireruralmusic.co.uk