WHAT an awful year, I’ve lost close lifelong friends to cancer and heart disease, and my old faithful dog, whom I loved dearly, all now departed.
Are we going to Brexit or not? Will there be world peace? Will the cold and hungry find love and warmth, not just for Christmas but for always?
The list goes on; however, I want to celebrate in a small way and acknowledge some of the good things in my life.
I know that I have some wonderful friends and family, moderately good health, a little bit of money, food to eat, and a roof over my head, I take none of them for granted, and appreciate them every day, I hope they know they are loved.
There are some folks though who I especially want to thank publicly. Firstly,
l WH Smith, Devizes branch, Danny the manager and staff past and present for helping my son throughout the last eight years to work in a caring, helpful team. Never to be forgotten.
l My supporters in health and social care, from Dr Swale to Mavis Osland, and Carole Sharman.
l The wonderful care team who look after my son, and have heaps of patience, Tracey, Leanne, Ron and Maria.
l Wiltshire CIL, Pauline, and Elaine, for advice and sanity!
l The Great Western Hospital who have helped us several times this year, along with paramedics, not only for my son but my mother-in-law too.
On a more general note of acknowledgement, I’m fortunate to live in a town that does its best, the Christmas lights, the outdoor arts, and the public services, especially the police. We have no war.
I am content with my lot, okay humbugs’ I can hear you saying, what about this and what about that, grumble grumble, I’m going to smile and be nice to everyone, not just now but it’s my New Year’s resolution!
Season’s best of everything, RIP my old chums, and a happy healthy, prosperous New Year to all who take the time to read my letter.