THE drivers of a silver Ford Transit van spotted acting suspiciously in Ogbourne St George have been arrested on suspicion of metal theft.

A haul of goods including golf clubs, cables and car batteries believed to be stolen were recovered by police after the van was stopped in Marlborough yesterday afternoon.

A man, 47, from Birmingham and a woman, 34, from Wolverhampton have been released under investigation while officers continues to look into the incident.

Police were first alerted to their suspicious behaviour in Ogbourne St George and would now like to hear from anyone who believes any of the items might belong to them.

A spokesman for Wiltshire police said: “Two persons of eastern European ethnicity have been arrested and their vehicle seized this morning on suspicion of metal theft following a suspicious incident at Ogbourne St George.

“Following an area search by the east policing team the vehicle - a silver coloured Ford Transit was sighted and stopped in Marlborough, it was found to contain several car batteries, golf clubs, cable and other mixed metals, some of which appear to be scrap items.”