CALNE will see an increased police presence around the town and surrounding villages in the new year, as the Community Policing Team welcomes a new recruit.

21-year-old Abbie Osborne will join PCSO's Mark Cook and Nicole Shepherd, who will be returning from maternity leave in January.

PCSO Osborne, who was a sports coach in a school, is currently completing her tutorship with Calne Police, ready to be be out on the beat by herself.

"I always wanted to join the police, I saw this job come up and I thought it is the right time to have a career change", she explained. "I wanted to be involved in something that helped the community and I thought it was a great start.

"My tutorship finishes on January 5. I've been out on shift which is fantastic, it is nice to have the opportunity to learn as I go after all the training and putting it into practice. It is quite a good experience, preparing me for when I go out on my own.

"I'm just really excited to go out there by myself. Having this tutorship it throws you in slowly rather than straight into the deep end. I am looking forward to progressing and going out on my own, it will be a fantastic achievement for me and something I will take great pride in.

"I'm looking forward to helping the community and being a face or the community.

"I don't just want to be there when things get bad, I want to be there before things get big and see a positive influence, once you get involved with that you can see the rewards."

The people of Calne and surrounding villages will be pleased to hear about the increase in patrols around the area, after highlighting the lack of police presence being an issue at a recent public police meeting.

PCSO Cook, said: "It will be nice to have a full team back in Calne and we are confident we can do more in the community now. Hopefully in the new year the town will see an increase in police presence, looking to do more proactive things.

"PCSO Osborne will be a really good addition to the team, she will be really good at engaging with some of our younger youths in the town."