I WAS disgusted to hear of NatWest’s decision to close their branch in Marlborough. 
Over the years and in different parts of the UK I have long been a customer of the bank, even back to its old Westminster days. 
Now, in my advancing years, when I particularly need the hassle-free continuity, routine and security of my bank, I am kicked into touch. And I feel sure that many other pensioners will feel the same.
Oh yes, I am offered various alternative options by NatWest and am told that these offer me the convenience of doing my banking where and when I want. What twaddle! 
Online banking, they suggest, but I don’t trust it; mobile phone, they advise, but I don’t use it; webchat and video, they propose, but I don’t know what on earth that means. And for the simple process of withdrawing cash I am referred to my Post Office. I don’t think so. 
I would be very loath to have my money counted out in full view of a queue of strangers.
I’m sorry NatWest, but there is no real concern or consideration being shown to your elderly and loyal customers. 
We are simply being abandoned in order to boost your already eye-watering profits. And that’s heartless.
Kelham Gardens