WHEN Poundland came to Devizes, I thought that at last we were catching up with Trowbridge and getting a shop where we could get a few bargains. 
But when I when in there last week I could hardly believe my eyes, as the majority of the items were priced at £2, £5 and even £20. 
When I asked the assistant why this was, she told me it was because the pound had weakened. 
I should think it was on its knees to justify these prices, and I don’t understand how they can still trade under the name Poundland and display the name over the shop. 
The name Poundland used to mean that every item cost £1, but this is not the case now. 
In future it will be much better to go to Trowbridge and shop at B&M and Home Bargains where you can get bargains.
Hodge Close