JAMES Gray mentions the ‘denouement’ regarding Brexit which he has refused to support by ignoring the Amendment 7, enabling a vote to take place on the result.
It appears that, predictably, any attempt at ‘cherry picking’ trade terms will not succeed and that maybe something along the lines of Canada or Norway may be our best bet. So, out of the largest economic union in the world and into an outsider position with no influence.
It is of some comfort that other Members of Parliament will demand a vote on the outcome by agreeing to Amendment 7. This position James Gray has chosen to reject, on behalf of his constituents and with no mandate beyond personal prejudice. Disgraceful.
I cannot comment on his views concerning the armed forces, having spent no time in the Territorial Army, unlike himself. 
Nevertheless, to attempt to be the bobby-on-the-beat in world affairs following leaving the EU seems ambitious, to put it mildly. I am sure that my grandfather, who died following service at Gallipoli, would agree.
Zander Road