AFTER reading about Coopers Meadow, in last week’s Gazette, several things come to mind.
To try and transform the area into a genuine meadow was obviously a great aim, and the members of ARK took it on enthusiastically.Yet, after eight years, I cannot see the’ transformation’ so talked about. It appears as a fenced-in grassy area, unused by anyone, only sheep or cows. I believe some fine grasses and a few wild flowers have flourished.
Unfortunately, the local residents did not want this, and were shocked to discover that they were padlocked out of the meadow when the animals were there, as it had now become a precious conservation area.
What they wanted was an upgraded play area, and picnic tables, and the remainder of the meadow left as an ordinary grassy area to lie on, picnic on, play games on.
To try and return it to the state it was in the 1940s is going backwards.We are now in the 21st century. Things change and we really want a modern meadow, constantly used by people every day.
So could ARK keep up the good work they are doing by keeping the chalk stream clear, by repairing the river banks, and removing problematic trees, etc? (While they are at it could they ensure that the duck population increases!) But could they leave the meadow free of animals and bees so that all the local residents are able to use it.
Kennet Mews