DAVID Leighton sees the problems of borders in Northern Ireland as an opportunity to call for another referendum on Brexit. He obviously wants to employ the same tactic that his beloved EU has used over the years. 
Any country that has had the temerity to vote against its various ambitions, is told them to go back and vote again. Denmark, Ireland (twice) etc. 
No doubt it would have continued to make these nations vote until they came up with the right answer. 
We had a referendum, and more people voted than in any other vote. The majority of the them voted to leave. Does David Leighton want us to continue having referenda until a result he personally agrees with is reached?
David is a typical remoaner, he cannot accept the argument for staying in the EU was lost. In his mind everyone who, like me, voted leave had no idea what we were voting for and should have left such decisions to people like him. 
As for the £350m per week he, like other remoaners, constantly point to as a lie, conveniently forgetting project fear, that £350m had no influence in my vote. 
My one and only reason was to have democracy back in our hands, with laws made by our Government. I voted because I believe in democracy, it’s a pity David doesn’t. Then perhaps he would accept the results of a legitimate referendum, and the voice of the majority.
Brickley Lane