MY lovely mum was a resident at Goldenley care home for nine years from 2006 to 2015, when she died at the age of 100.
I still visit regularly when I am in Chippenham. I will not believe that the lovely people who cared for Mum could in any way be guilty of any misconduct or abuse.
In the nine years that my mum was a resident, I visited at all times of the day or night. I never announced my visit, and I never had any cause for concern. 
The people who worked at Goldenley (formerly BlueBell Lodge) were always caring, dedicated and kind. On the day that mum died, I was telephoned by the manager and told she thought the end was near. I live in Frome and when I got to Goldenley, members of staff were with mum. They then left me and my cousin to spend time with her. When the end of mum’s long life actually arrived, all the staff on duty came to her room and there were genuine tears of sadness. No one could have faked that.
I have read through the CQC report and my opinion is that it is bureaucracy gone way over the top. Goldenley provides a friendly, loving “home from home” environment for the elderly. The staff treat the residents like their own family. Elderly people want a homely atmosphere with friendly staff who give them time and sit and chat. They are of a generation that appreciates phrases like “sweetheart”, “my lovely” – all kind friendly words. Care homes should not become institutionalised and PC.
I had many meetings over the years with Chippenham Social Services and other authorities and in all instances we were in total agreement that the care package for my mum was totally acceptable.
Wickham Rise