BELL RINGER Richard Heath is joining a national campaign to train 1,400 new ringers by Armistice Day in 2018 to mark the number of bell ringers who died during the First World War.

Mr Heath from Rowde, near Devizes, who is a member of the Association of Ringing Teachers who already works with ringers aged 11 to 71 in the Devizes area is keen to get more younger people involved.

He said: "As many ringers are now in their seventies and eighties, it is important to train more in order to continue the bell ringing tradition. We want to play our part in the national campaign so we are looking for volunteers to learn safe bell handling.

"This would initially be achieved by training new recruits in small groups during separate practices. When they are ready they will join the rest of the ringers in a local tower and learn to ring with them.

"On November 11th 2018, to mark the 100th anniversary of the Armistice, new ringers will have the opportunity to celebrate with all the ringers across the country, at a special time designed to highlight their achievement. This special occasion is to honour all those who died and to celebrate peace."

Mr Heath appeared on the BBC Breakfast show in November to promote the campaign. He now wants to hear from anyone who wants to be involved.

He said: "We want recruits tohelp enable the joyful sound of bells to be heard throughout the country. St. John’s and other local churches are able to offer training to achieve bell control."

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