A CHERHILL woman who recently underwent a double mastectomy has set up a company with her cousin to bring some relief to people undergoing cancer treatment, and raise awareness that everyone should be checking their breasts.

Georgia Hope, 27, was diagnosed with breast cancer in May this year. After rounds of chemotherapy she underwent a double mastectomy last month.

Miss Hope and her cousin Lucy Menghini, 28, have now set up a kick starter to get their company, Tetta off to a flying start by hopefully raising £10,000.

Tetta provides tassel making kits for a community of people dealing with breast cancer, who are looking for a distraction from their treatment. These kits provide everything needed to make tassels which are then sewn onto t-shirts, in the outline of boobs.

These fashionable t-shirts are then sold and a proportion of the sale value goes to charity.

Discussing where the idea came from, Miss Hope, said: “Lucy came up with the idea. It was in the middle of my chemo. She felt useless and like she couldn’t help because there is a limit of how much help you can give beyond being nice. There isn’t much you can do so she wanted to do something that was long-standing and people in my situation could be a part of.

“When I was having my chemo people gave me colouring books and drawing books, but there is only so much you can gain from doing it. Once I was so bored I bought a sewing kit and I embroidered a pillow, and that was around the time she came up with the idea.”

Her cousin, Mrs Menghini, originally from Melksham but now lives in Manchester wanted to find a way to keep people as positive as possible.

She said: “The main thing is if you have cancer and you are being treated, you have lots of time off work, and making the tassels is quite therapeutic.

“Finding out Georgia had cancer was awful. It set everything in perspective.”.

Miss Hope was made aware of how important checking your boobs is by the charity Coppafeel, and would regularly do so.

“They are the reason I regularly checked my boobs, but I didn’t have a lump. I had a painful boob which is really common when you’re on your period and I thought nothing of it originally. But because it lasted and it was constant and I knew that could be a sign of cancer, that’s why I got checked out.

“Checking your boobs is so important, that is my message. It doesn’t matter whether you’re 18 or 80.”

The two ladies have until December 31 to raise £10,000 to raise vital funds for the materials and products needed for the kits and t-shirts.

Since going live at 10am today, they have already raised over £1,300.

You can pledge as little or as much as you would like, and there are also options for your pledge to go towards things like the tassel kits, or your very own Tetta tassel t-shirt.

To pledge to Tetta or to find out more information, please visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1979835502/tetta-the-original-boob-tassel-tshirts-and-sweatsh?ref=hero_thanks

If they do not reach their £10,000 target, they will receive no funding from the kick starter, and anyone who pledged money will receive a refund.