I WAS both shocked and concerned to read Hank Williams’ letter published last week that states that just because he did not know the opening hours of the household recycling centre, he had decided to go and fly-tip his recycling and seemed to be actively encouraging other people to do the same. 
To encourage and promote such irresponsible and illegal behaviour to other members of the public simply beggars belief, and to openly boast about such an action makes me question his adherence to the law.
HRC opening times are clearly posted outside each centre and are also clearly published on the council’s website. There are days when the HRCs are closed, but all centres are open on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays, and when one HRC is closed, there are others nearby that are open.
I have consistently stated that Wiltshire Council will prosecute people who fly-tip. I will seek a custodial sentence wherever possible to crack down on this deplorable behaviour, and even if no sentence is handed down, the fines can be high and should be sufficient to deter offenders and to make sure that we keep Wiltshire the beautiful county that it is.
Wiltshire Councillor for Nadder & East Knoyle
Cabinet Member for Highways, Transport & Waste