I READ with interest Dick Tonge’s letter (Gazette, November 23) commenting on how refreshing it was to hear James Dyson’s views on the fantastic opportunity awaiting us when we leave the EU.
Ninety per cent of future growth, we are led to believe, will come outside the EU. I sincerely hope this is true and that we will be able to increase our trade with non-EU states.
We may well have to walk away with no deal. The EU is unlikely to give us a better deal than the one we currently have by being a member. If you leave a sports club, you can’t expect to carry on using the facilities. 
If we leave with no deal and no agreements we will no longer have access to the remaining 27 member states. The Channel Tunnel will close, and our aircraft will no longer be able to fly over EU airspace, let alone land on EU territory. Our people living and working in the EU will lose their right of residence and will have to return to Britain. EU citizens in Britain will be similarly repatriated.
The notion that the EU will “come to us” is by no means assured. Twenty-eight member states currently work together within the EU. When Britain leaves, the remaining 27 member states will continue to work together. Why would they want to work with us?