SO, Mrs Perry last week still thinks that WE are all in it together still does she, when discussing last week’s 2017 autumn Budget personal income tax allowances, etc?
I am not quite sure what she means by ‘we’, for if she includes herself, not only will she be receiving an extra (quite small) £350 (£11,500 up to £11,850) additional allowance, but also another (larger) one of £1,350 (£45,000 to £46,350) in high end earners’ increased allowance. This on top of the previous spring Budget allowance increase (for high earners) of another £2,000 (£43,000 to £45,000). So a total allowance increase this year of £3,350 to only pay 20 per cent tax instead of 40 per cent tax. Not bad hey, once out in the open?
Further of course, it is noticed that some Government Ministers (including Mrs Perry) refer to ‘’increases in the Living Wage”, where others refer to it as “increase to the Minimum Wage” (Chancellor Hammond). I think we can all work out for ourselveswhy that is. Yes, minimum does not equal living for sure.
So I’m sorry Mrs Perry, but the rich still get richer, and the poor still get poorer, in real terms, as has always been the case.