FOLLOWING on from the ‘stop wasting parking cash’ headline in the Gazette & Herald (November 16), I would like to add to the debate.
I don’t understand why the parking meters are not being repaired when Parking Services have a parking engineer employed on 24k per annum within their structure, whose job it is to ensure the meters are working.
However, I do understand that this is paid as a full-time position, but the engineer only seems to work part-time.
There are also two supervisors who are supposed to monitor the parking meters, who earn the same amount, so that totals three employees earning 72k a year between them, but they can’t seem to arrange to have parking meters repaired. Stop wasting parking cash.
Also, Parking Services have just purchased a new parking monitoring vehicle for the Salisbury area which has cost £60,000, when they already have several vehicles to use in that area. 
And £60,000 for one vehicle is an outrageous amount, especially when they supposedly haven’t got enough budget to repair potholes or replace signs.
This would also take parking officers off the street to drive around in a vehicle all day, restricting patrols. Stop wasting parking cash.
The parking officers are now being pulled off the streets to trim hedges and shrubs within the car parks, which also affects parking patrols.
This is also meant to be under the parking engineer’s remit, so what are they doing for their 24k salary? And why are the CEOs being made to do the engineer’s work? Stop wasting parking cash.
Spout Lane, Seend