FOLLOWING the front page news in the Marlborough Gazette & Herald on November 16, I was concerned about the future development of Cooper’s Meadow. 
The money that the town council plans to invest in this area should benefit both the local children and the environment.
Although the play facilities and equipment need improvement, it is also important to recognise the historic water meadows, which were restored by ARK in 2009 and received an award from the RHS South West in Bloom competition earlier this year.
The project has brought back wildlife and species diversity but in order to maintain this there has to be grazing by animals. 
It is such a pleasure to see a rare Wiltshire sheep breed in the middle of town and I’m sure this is much appreciated by the young as well as the old.
It is important to note that Historic England identifies water meadows as a priority feature for protection as they have been in serious decline in the UK.
How glad I am that we can experience this precious landscape in our own community.
Benson Close