A YEAR ago villagers in Bromham were celebrating the return of its Post Office but now it is under review and people fear it could close again unless support grows.

Former parish councillor Sue Skelt and social centre chairman Pete Davis are now campaigning to get as many people as possible from Bromham and surrounding villages to make full use of its services.

In November last year villagers were hoping it was third time lucky for the Post Office after a year long campaign was rewarded with Bromham getting an outreach service that visits twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays and is based at the social centre.

But now it is facing its annual review.

Mrs Skelt said: "The service is coming up for the annual review. Monday's service is well supported due to the Monday Club for older people being held on that day.

"But the Wednesday morning open seen a fall in numbers. But it has now been agreed that the Post Office will open half an hour earlier at 9am so hopefully people dropping children off at the village school will use it. The chance of keeping this service depends on usage. Now we have it we don't want to lose it."

Mr Davis said: "We are delighted to be able to continue our support for this service by offering the use of the room. Parishioners using this facility prove there is a need and it means they avoid having to travel to either Melksham or Devizes.

"With a large car park right outside and local shops within walking distance it is a real plus for the village."

George May, who runs the counter service, said: "It would be a big shame if it was to close. Those who use it find it very convenient."

The social centre is the Post Office's third new home in recent years. Problems started for the Post Office in Bromham when postmaster David Price retired in 2013 after 16 years in the job. It moved into the village shop but owners Adrian and Thea Dunn said they could not make it pay and after 16 months they closed it in June 2015 leaving villagers having to travel to Devizes until the outreach Post Office opened in November, 2016.

It is open from 2pm to 4pm on Monday and 9.30am to 11.30am on Wednesday. This will change to 9am on November 29. Services include the payment of bills, collection of pensions, making cash deposits and withdrawals, parcel post, and ordering of foreign currency.