A YEAR-LONG poppy project to mark 100 years since the end of the First World War was launched with a poppy making workshop.

Every household and local group in Lacock is invited to take part in the community commemorative project, In Remembrance And Hope, Lacock Remembers.

The project, launched by Green Café and Wiltshire Scrapstore, will see residents creating hand-made poppies to be used in several structures of cascading poppies.

These will be on display from October next year, marking 100 years since the end of the First World War.

Every household in the parish will be given a pack of materials to create a poppy, designed by staff and volunteers at Wiltshire Scrapstore.

The packs have been made using re-usable resources, donated to the charity to prevent them going into landfill.

Wiltshire Scrapstore director Jane Wheeler said: “We have created bits and pieces to make the poppies from different types of mediums.

“Some sewn out of felt, some made out of foam, some made out of ribbons, all different things.”

Villagers will have just under a year to create as many handmade poppies as they wish.

The workshop launched the beginning of the project, with residents of all ages coming together to make an array of poppies.

Project organiser Rachael McHenry, said: “It was brilliant – we had quite a few come along.

“And we had a big range of ages from about six years old up to people in their 80s making poppies in different formats.

“We have made about 150 poppies so far, it is really good.

“People were really positive and took stuff away to make more.”

The poppies will then be collected and made into community structures of poppies that will be on display in various places around the village, including on two curtains in St Cyriac’s Church.

An unveiling event for the cascades will take place next November.